There are 3 ways to donate:
1. Instruments – either through donating 2nd hand ones (or gently used ones! Not broken, please.) or by crowdfunding new ones. (Currently in talks with a potential supplier at a great rate)
2. Money – we will need money to cover costs such as petrol, bank costs, supply chain expenses, staff etc. Basically, overheads!
3. Time and expertise – The 3rd way to donate, is in time or expertise. If you have time to volunteer in any area that may be of help or have a special skill that you think can contribute, we’d love to hear about it! Also, if you are already doing something in your community, let us know. Maybe we can help.

Donate a 2nd Hand Instrument

Since our current budget is zip-doodle-doo, we have come up with some practical ideas of how to get your old instruments to us.

• If you want to send an instrument from the States, Europe, Australia or even Johannesburg, we would like to suggest you find out if anyone knows of anyone who might be travelling to Cape Town in the near future. Usually, somebody is coming this way! (World’s BEST CITY 2018, anyone? 🙂
• Then, if it’s possible for them to bring an instrument as part of their hand luggage, we can get in contact with them and offer them a complimentary “Free-of-charge-uber-style-Join-Bands-Not-Gangs” ride to their hotel from the airport as our humble thank you and a short welcome to Cape Town! (My mother is a tour guide, I know the drill) Or, if they prefer, we can meet them somewhere for a coffee on us as a ‘Thank you’.
• Or if they prefer, they can drop the instrument off at a collection point: We are currently in talks with a local music retailer, to use their stores as “Join Bands, Not Gangs Drop-off points”. More on this soon…

Crowdfund a NEW Instrument

If you don’t have a second hand instrument to give, but you would like to contribute funds towards purchasing a new instrument – be it a violin, guitar, saxophone, recorded, keyboard, drumset or whatever else – we are currently trying to set up a way to contribute towards the purchasing of specific instruments of the donors’ choice.   For now, we would be happy to liaise directly with donors who wants to purchase a specific instrument, by purchasing on their behalf, via a monetary contribution, but hope to streamline this option in the near future.  So for now, cash donations can be specifically assigned to the purchase of specified instruments.  

Help Cover Our OVERHEADS

As a brand new NGO, we have many startup costs and the need for staff employment. We would love to employ a staff of 5 people to get us off the ground. Ideally, we would love to have a corporate sponsor come onboard to cover our operational costs so that all the donations we receive from the general public can go exclusively towards getting instruments to our future young musicians. It’s more exciting to say, “I sponsored a guitar”, than “I paid for the accountant”, but these things are necessary, too. We also want to look into logistics like shipping containers and transportation, as well as App. development. So there’s a LOT to consider…

Get Involved!

If bringing music to underpriviliged youth is your passion, or working to help solve our gang and drug problems, we would love to hear from you. We believe the best way to achieve lasting success in the communities is by getting the local communities themselves involved, as well as finding individuals and groups that share our passion for solving these pressing issues. If you are one of them, feel free to get in touch.

If you are a SOCIAL MEDIA BUFF and want to run our social media as your contribution, we will jump up and down for joy! And, finally, if you are a musician who would like to volunteer to teach, there is plenty of opportunity. Feel free to get in contact!

Keepng the Instruments safe and staying accountable

A very real challenge will be to make sure that the instruments we receive is allocated in a way that the community will have access to it for playing purposes, but that it doesn’t get stolen or sold for drugs. (The hard reality)
Therefore, we are hoping to set up a system where each instrument in branded and tagged or engraved with a tracking number. We will also most likely donate the instruments to programs first, before we start donating to individuals, so as to keep the instruments as safe as possible.
If you have experience with this kind of thing and any advice, we’d love to hear from you.